"Why are you applying for this post"

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okikioluwa | 17:10 Fri 18th Jan 2008 | Jobs
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What exactly do one say when applicantion ask, why are you applying for this post?
Can anyone help me with this question please.
Whatever answer I write down always seems wrong, so i end up with several copies of draft paper all over the floor PLEASE HELP ME OUT i need this job to feed my kids. tanx


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I would normally write something like - Im a good team player, conscientious and with my vast range of experience and skills i think i'd make a good contribution to this organisation and would like to utilise and expand those skills.

Its a similar question to 'why should we give you this job?

The only downside of the previous ABer's advice is (no offence Roaldo..) that you dont know the other applicants, so could not know you were the best suited.....

Incidentally, when i was asked why i'd be the best person for the job, i told the interviewers i had the X-factor!!!!' Lol - apart from having us all in stitches it must've worked cos i was offered the job!!!

Some things to consider in your answer are:

What you will contribute - your skills, experience, personal qualities - look at what the ad is asking for and relate your answer to that.

How does it fit with your past skills/experience and your future career aspirations. As in 'this is a natural progression for my career aspirations'.

What sort of company are they? Do you want to work for them because they have a great reputation, they're FTSE listed, Blue Chip, they have Investors in People accreditation, they offer good benefits, promote employee wellbeing, have great values, are environmentally friendly etc. You can check their website for this type of information.

You answer should ideally cover all 3, as this question is asked to see what type of person you are, what motivates you, how you will contribute to their business success and whether you will fit into their company culture.

Don't second guess their ideal answer, really think about why you want to work for them, it may be this that makes you stand out from other candidates.

And most importantly you should be telling the truth - porkies will be spotted a mile off!
yea just give them all the bull you can hell why am I applying for this job ? "cause I need to eat too *******" (I wouldn't use this answer although it is the most truthful !

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