Demoted without consultation

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DorsetBoy | 21:16 Fri 26th Oct 2007 | Jobs
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My boss recently deceided to restructure the company due to increased business.
I currently run 4 departments and as each of these is getting busier, we agreed that we should take some-one on to oversee 2 of them.
They advertised and recruited some-one, who it now transpires is going to be my new boss!
The plan was to split my 4 departments into 2 groups of 2, but now i have been demoted to run 2, and the new guy comes in to oversee all 4 of them.
Effectively, they have recruited some-one to do my job and bumped me down the ladder.
I was not made aware of this prior to the situation, and only found out when the new guy was introduced to a member of my staff as my new boss !
I feel that i have been both deceived and demoted, without reason or explanation, and wonder where i stand?
My employment record is clean - not even a day sick, let alone any disciplinary action.


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Has your pay/grade remained the same or gone down? If it's gone down then you can pursue the matter. If it's unchanged I'm not sure what you can do- firms can restructure
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My pay has remained the same.
It just seems decietful that i have been demoted without consultation or reason.
Ring ACAS tomorrow - they will give you the advice over the telephone - have your contract of employment to hand.
and speak to your boss seems pretty strange and counter productive to him/her

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Demoted without consultation

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