I am Lookin For A JOb How Can I Get One ?

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chelseababy1 | 11:23 Mon 22nd Oct 2007 | Jobs
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I Am Lookin For A JOb I Am 13 years old i am repared to do anythink really as i do need that extra cash i am prepared to work any hour and whenever if anyone knows any jobs gong please contact me on [email protected] and e-mail details and i should get back to you .. thank you


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Have you tried asking at your local newsagents about paper delivery jobs?
Babysitting, dog walking, paper round, shopping for the elderly. Put an ad in your local paper shop and see if you get a response. Good luck.

Chelsea - you could ask your neighbors if they have any house cleaning or errands you can do for them. People who work ALWAYS need an extra pair from time to time and you could find yourself with a LOT of work if you do a good job for them.

Over the years, I have had teenagers in my neighborhoods who asked me for work - rake leaves, mow my lawn, vacuum, take my gabage out, carry groceries in and put them away, fold the laundry - MANY things that I didn't have time to do when I got home from the office.
Sorry - that was supposed to say "an extra pair of hands".

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I am Lookin For A JOb How Can I Get One ?

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