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teacake44 | 12:33 Sat 02nd Oct 2021 | Jobs
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This has been put forward many times but eh oh. This morning I see that a private family bakery said it will have no choice but to close in the next couple of weeks, ( they have five shops) almost certain by the end of the month, if they can't find staff. The vacancies are for one van driver to deliver bread and cakes ( car licence only required) three bakers and three trainees, plus 6 counter staff. Now apart from the bakers, these are unskilled staff.

Is the above situation due to the fact that people just don't want to go back to work because they've been paid for to long on 80% of their wages. Is it now time to force people off benefits that are able, and into jobs that are in their area. The furlough payments have been a complete loss to the tax payer, and so are benefits, or the latter could be turned into useful labour to keep businesses a float. ie the government continue to pay the benefits for 12 months, the employer travel expenses. Should the employer be happy with the staff provided after 12 months, then they take them on, either way they are working for their benefits, other than doing nothing. You could say all hands on deck are needed to get this country working and stop businesses like the one above closing for no other reason than a staff shortage. What can you add to this, or are there any flaws that can't be over come.


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offer more dosh, get worker, simples!
I can't comment on the difficulties of this particular firm but if it closes its customers won't stop buying bread - they will just buy different bread elsewhere so other firm(s) will increase sales & production & will take on more staff if necessary.
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You've missed the main point TTT
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Government say they are concerned regarding the slow death of the high street dave. So an opportunity to help with labour, yes?
How come they are short 13 staff? Surely bakeries have been operating throughout the pandemic. I would have thought that most people would rather work (even for minimum wage) than just subsist on job seekers allowance.
I don't think the gov should be providing free workers for a private firm.
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Thats just the point, its not free ( benefits) are paid by tax payers And bakeries pay tax like any other business
How come they have lost so many staff?
TTT isn't missing the point, he is right. They have to make the jobs more appealing.
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Being on the dole seems to be appealing hopkirk
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Danny, don't know for sure, but many small shops closed during the lock downs, especially the ones in small towns due to the lack of customers. Most used supermarkets for their whole shop, and a lot had their shopping delivered. Now this bakery being in 5 small towns with every other shop ( none food closed) the foot fall was zero for the bread shop.
If the footfall and therefore the customer base for a particular outlet has all but disappeared then even employing all necessary staff may not be enough to keep it open and viable.

People would rarely travel into town just for one good bread shop if the street is otherwise boarded up.

They may need to think of reducing their five outlets down a bit and asking why the jobs they are offering are so unattractive.
That is strange that they can’t find not one or two, but 13 staff!?
Make jobs more appealing, raise wages, and wait for the uproar.
T/C 13.56 He always misses the point It's ,
.... Those Damb Blinkers he's wearing....
A relative of mine worked at a bread/cakes bakery. He had to get up very early & he had issues with the proprietor. He now works as a chef at a care home.
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Mam the towns they are in are not boarded up, I was on about all the town shops closed during the lock that are now open again. If the customer base for the bakery was no longer there they wouldn't be wanting staff now. All the five shops are open now, but not able to operate at full capacity and meet the needs of customers now coming through the doors, plus supplying cafes and restaurants. but it appears on here everyone is assuming that the pay is no good. The pay on the dole is no good according to some, but pay and working is a far better option for the tax payer and the country than sitting on the dole year in year out as some seem to want to. In any case its not just this small bakery thats having problems getting staff, it appears far and wide, and many of them don't require any skills. So you have to ask why is there so many jobs, when there are many out of work. May be some of them will get filled now furlough is finished.

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