Are youwoth any thing?

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postage | 09:47 Thu 09th Feb 2012 | Jobs
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if some one has worked all there life at 56 they are still earning £16500 is that bad??


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"Are you worth any thing ?" and ,"If some one has worked all there life at 56 they are still earning £16500 is that bad ?", are different questions and depend on what you mean by them. In a sense we are all human beings and should be considered equal. Also whatever you do is of importance and worth to the rest of us and so you are worth something to society.

11:01 Thu 09th Feb 2012
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YOU may not be worth much to the business world but your worth loads to your family and friends i am sure.
don't be sad ... jobs an employers dont care about any one or any thing every one out for them selves number one first your self.
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we all do shut up and put up with it because there are no jobs out there--- and you dont have a choice. you stay untill your 65 if lucky then you que up at the post office waiting to collect your bit of hand out.

then when your done you die
So in (ill assume) 40 + of working life youve never had an opportunity to progress? You cant just demand a higher rate of pay for a job because you are over a certain age. You seem to feel like you are owed something but again, a business is there to make money. Thats it.

And yes i earn below the average wage.
what has age got to do with it?
you can be 25 but if you are doing a high paid job because you have the skills to do it, then you will be paid that.

if someone is a shelf stacker at 56 then they will be paid a shelf stackers wage.

you are implying that merely being older means you are entitled to and deserve more than someone younger doing the same job. You don't.

some jobs pay well, some dont,and that just how it is.
Not very much it would seem.

It depends on your needs and priorities.
Ten years ago aged in my 40s I was earning 4 times that amount and my responsibilities and outgoings reflected that. But after redundancy I changed my priorities. I'm in my 50s now and I am quite happy working part time with longer holidays and earning around £16000 a year.

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Are youwoth any thing?

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