Degree results?

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lizzydrippin | 23:45 Wed 07th Jul 2010 | Education
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Is a 2-2 a good result to get or not? (may seem like a silly question to you edumacated folk, but I haven't got a clue!)


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The majority of employers would appear to require a 2.1 minimum.
Agree with craft, that was discussed on the radio today - 2.2 is a pass, you have a degree, but 2.1 is a good pass.
Before the expansion of poytechnics into universities and the introduction of non-academic degree courses a 2-2 was a very respectable result and 2-1 was excellent. I know of one department at my old university in the 70s who awarded a candidate a first, the first one in 20 years! Below 2-2 there was the third class honours and for those who could not achieve that there was the non-honours pass degree.
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Thanks, that explains why my son seemed a little disappointed when he got that result today, I could tell that he was unhappy with it.
He's passed, I hope he's pleased to pass, but it could have been a bit better in his eyes, I'm sure.
Here is a breakdown of the various classifications.

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Yes boxtops he is pleased to have passed and Im so very proud of him. He is a single Dad and has brought up his 12 yr old son since he was a baby and started Uni as a mature student after leaving school 20 yrs ago. Im really chuffed that he has passed and he tells me he is chuffed also, it was just that I felt a hint of disappointment in his tone when he gave me the news. Cheers pastafreak for the link, the different results make alot more sense to me now and I can imagine that he must have been hoping for a 2.1, never mind eh!
There's nowt wrong with a 2.2!!!

It's better than my 3rd anyway ;-)

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Now that, (particularly cos it came from you Chris) makes me feel a whole lot better! (not that I wasn't very proud of him anyway!) xx
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I'd meant to mention that it was a Law Degree, which is why I made that last comment to Chris cos thats his bag and he knows his stuff!
I only got a 2:2 in my law degree and I am happily employed :)
I got a 2:1 which may have helped me get my first job many years ago, but once I had a few years' experience under my belt plus a business/management qualification my employer (and other employers when I applied for other jobs) didn't seem too interested in my degree subject or classification.
Maybe things are little different nowadays though where the job market is more competitive and graduates need to move jobs more often.
Nevertheless, I still think that provided your son can get a good first job and can make a good impression his degree class won't hold him back.
Your son has done brilliantly, Lizzy. The fact that he's done this as a mature student with a child will go in his favour on job applications, I'm sure.

Apart from which, 10 years from now, no-one will give a toss what class of degree he has.

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