PGCE placements, time in Uni, assignments...

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Fairie | 18:50 Mon 08th Mar 2010 | Education
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does anyone know what i need to expect?

I'm trying to picture myself on a Secondary PGCE course this September, but have other responsibilities. I currently work full time which i know i will have to leave at some point, not sure when though! (as its in a school as Learning Support) I also have a 1 year old baby and 3 high school aged children.

Any info would be great, thanks



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It's very demanding, particularly from December to June. You will have to juggle coursework and lesson planning, you'll be up most nights preparing lessons plans and materials (as unlike an experienced teacher you won't have pre-prepared packs), and you'll also have lots of paperwork to complete (logging all experiences) and evidence to collect. Also you may be placed at a school 30 miles from home so travelling could be difficult. Plus you'll have some parents' evenings and after school meetings.
But don't let me put you off! Some find it very rewarding.
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haha, wow sounds a lot when it's put into black and white! Kind of what i expected really. My baby has a place in nursery so childcare isnt a problem - so long as i dont start too early! my husband is home in time to collect from nursery, I need to decide if to finish work in time for september or if i can work until November or so..? How many placements do you do and how long is each?
I know others in your position who managed it. Which University would you be going to? They don't all offer the same pattern of placements but basically you'll probably be teaching most days from mid October to mid June. You'll be placed at 2 or 3 schools over this period..
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My application is currently with Liverpool hope, failing there it will go to Liverpool John Moores. thanks.

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PGCE placements, time in Uni, assignments...

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