Should i continue with combined honours degree or change to single honours? advice needed by this evening

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shopaholic84 | 15:26 Mon 15th Sep 2008 | Education
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I am currently at uni studying forensic science and criminology. I have just finished year 1 and I achieved 62% and 68% in the criminology exams and 72% in the presentation. I failed both my units in forensic science. I had to retake them in the summer. I passed one of the retakes as it was set as a coursework instead of the exam but still failed the chemistry exam! They have put it down as a protocol fail and passed me so I can go onto the second year. The problem is should I continue or should I drop the forensics and continue with the criminology as a single honours? My dream is to be a forensic officer for the police. Im just worried that If I continue, i may get a back grade at the end of my degree if I struggle. advice needed asap as I need to sort this before I return next week. my criminologycoordinator has said he would grant me permission if i do want to change.Help!!!


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work harder and revise more - simple. only you can work out which course you want to do but there is no reason why anyone should fail if they are putting the effort in. if you are struggling, take extra tuition/classes/support. its there if you need it!
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Thank you for the response. I do extra work at home but it is hard as I am also a full tine mum and work one day a week as well as studying so its hard work! Especially now my son has started bringing home homework! Thank you for your help!
HI, you need to think about what will be realistic to you. How many extra hours can you put in without restricting your family life? There is always the arguument that if you spend time less with the family now the rewards will be greater when you have your dream job, but at the end of the day, family is more important (my point of view) and you really don't want to miss out on all that now. How much extra tuition will you need (money?) On the other hand, don't settle for a job that you will ultimately think 'What if?' I hope i'm not sounding too negative but you have to weigh up all the possibilities. I hope all goes well. xx

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Should i continue with combined honours degree or change to single honours? advice needed by this evening

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