Should independent schools make more effort to bridge the gap?

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AB Asks | 12:24 Wed 16th Jan 2008 | Education
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There have been calls for independent schools to bridge the gap between themselves and the state school system. Suggestions put forward include founding an academy or taking part in a trust or federation. What do you think? Should they be forced to move closer to state schools?


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I know someone close (stepdaughter) who readily admits that sending her children to private school is more about making contacts than receiving a good education, although the latter is a bonus.

It seems REALLY unfair on brighter, poorer children to be pushed down the pile to make way for dimmer, richer children whose parents are buying their way through life.

Schools should be streamed according to academic ability not for financial reasons.

If we could get the bright children into good educational facilties we might actually start to rebuild this country into something resembling average again!
why cant state schools improve and become closer to private schools?
Fee paying schools pay higher salaries therefore atrract better teachers - unless state schools can match private school salaries, which is down to government funding, the problem will never be solved.

Guess which schools government ministers prefer to send their children to?
Redcrx, I was thinking the exact same thing. The great thing about private schools, if you can afford them, is that they offer choice - real choice. The National Curriculum, no matter what the ethos of the school that teaches it, is basically the same. If you or your child doesn't happen to share its values then you're on a hiding to nothing.

There is nothing wrong with the academic excellence that so many private schools offer and that so many state schools strive for, but not all kids are academically inclined. There are private schools out there with curricula that cater for them. It's about time the government offered less well-off kids the same.

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Should independent schools make more effort to bridge the gap?

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