What COULD I have done to fix things back when I was having home tuition??(if that's what you call it)

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Willow22 | 13:38 Mon 06th Nov 2006 | Education
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I need advice/an opinion. When I first started high school I lost two people of whom I was very close to. I became very depressed. I started to refuse to go to school on-and-off regularly. It was the biggest mistake of my life. this carried on for two years. No-one helped me. my parents then sent me to a private schoo, and lied to the head tecaher saying that I wasn't behind in my schholwork..when I was..seriously behind.... I found I couldn't keep up with the the end of the year I couldn't cope anymore and because I didn't know what to do...refused to go to school altogether.(this was the end of my third year in high school) I was then at home with 3 measly hours of home tuition in only Englah and art....for the next 2 years. I got G grades in my GCSEs (apart from English) what I need to know is.....when I was at the end of my 3rd year and then went to ahve home could I have fixed the situation then/ what could I have done? I didn't have a clue how I could have caught up/what I should have done to fix the situation at this point. WHAT SHOULD I HAVE DONE BACK THEN? HOW COULD I HAVE FIXED THINGS? PLEASE HELP AS THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME.


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you haven't said how old you are?
what you should have done back then is irelevant now. You should have gone back to school and worked hard.
What you should be doing now is whats important, and constantly asking this same question over and over again is not it.
Sign up at your local college and start retaking your GCSE courses
How old are you?
Knowing what you should have done then is going to be of no help at all to you now. The past is past and can't be changed.
What you should be asking is 'What can I do NOW to put it right?' You can go back into adult education and study for the qualifications you missed out on then. When you've finished, you will be exactly where you would have been when you left school (although a few years further along the line) Now you're older, you'll probably find studying easier too so don't be put off by the idea. Good Luck, and learn that looking back regretfully serves no useful purpose, it just makes you feel bad! Look forward and realise your future is in your hands and it will be whatever you make of it.

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What COULD I have done to fix things back when I was having home tuition??(if that's what you call it)

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