Why can't you go back to high school...once your 16/if you're in a situation like mine?

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Willow22 | 22:15 Sat 04th Nov 2006 | Education
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I am in a situation where I missed 4 years of High school. I then sat my GCSEs and got G grades as a consequence (apart from a D grade in Englaish) I wondred I know this might sound like a strange question.....but why is it that once you reach 16 /or are in a situation like mine that you cannot go back to high school.(re-do the years again) Why is this.?


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You could in my school - it must depend on the school
why said you cant and what did they suggest you do as an alternative?
Question Author parents said that the achool wouldn;t let me go back and re-do several years of school again. Was he wrong/lying to me?
so what suggestion did the school give? did you speak to your year head or headmaster/mistress?

What did your parents suggest?
Question Author
Head just suggested I speak to Connexions...I have done so numerous times but they have been no help. my parents don't have a clue what I should do. they never did. I''m just left to try despeartely to sort this out alone..and I'm getting really's so horrible
call your LEA, number will be in phone book, also call your local college or 6th form.

You keep asking these questions though, why havnt you done any of this yet?
Question Author
I'm scared of all this. may I ask what the LEA will do to help me? I don't really know what they are.
you know they are the educaton authority.
How would I know how they will help you? thats for you to find out isnt it?
To be honest, im not sure you really are prepared to help yourself or youve have called them when you first asked on AB what to do.
Probably because schools are worried about results.

Is 6th form college an option?

What about a FE college but I think you will have to consider enrolment in SEptember.

You could always do home study and enter yourself for the exams.

It seems to me that you have to take control in this situation, go back to connections, stay calm and dont leave until they have an action plan for you.

What are your long term career aspirations/ plans?

Where abouts are you?

Question Author
I'm in England, Cheshire. Connexions aren't helping me and I am desperate. How can I possibly do home education? it would take me 5 years to catch up and I'd be 23 years old by then
Willow - you are not having any luck with any of the suggestions? Try citizens advice or drop in to your local tech college and ask to speak to someone about your options.I can't help wondering if a) You like typing or b) you really don't know which way to turn- if it's a or b I still recommend you talk to someone as you need a form of counselling that will include advice for the future.
It is not impossible to catch up.

You need to get a good explanation as to why you have missed school for the past 5 years and why an organisation should take a risk signing you up.

Everywhere is judged on results so places are reluctant to take you on if they feel you are likely to not finish.

I ask you again what do you want to do, what job do you wish to be in at the end of your studies?

Question Author
I don't have a clue what I want to do as a job. I really don't know. I'm scared...I just want to catch up
i am studing at college because i didnt do my gcse's and i had no education at all, maybe you should ring your local college and ask them if they do anything called either fresh start or adult pathways, its a really good course and you also get 2 do your core subjects to which is a good thing. hope this helps
You can go back to school, yes it depends on the school but most would accept you.

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Why can't you go back to high school...once your 16/if you're in a situation like mine?

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