C'S'E's (certificate of seconday education)

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jesmond | 19:54 Tue 07th Feb 2012 | Education
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i know this is the education section but it could also apply to another category but here goes, what are the old cse's equivalent in todays education i know they were graded 1 to 5 when they were using them, i think you took o and a levels seperate but seem to think that if you got a grade 1 in a cse it was classed as an o level, help please and thanx


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Grade one C.S.E. was classed as a C in O'levels.
A CSE grade 1 was equivalent to an O Level grade C.
I'm not sure how they equate to GCSEs sorry.
At one time a CSE grade 1 was supposed to be equivalent to a GCSE 'O' level grade C ....... but as a teacher for 30+ years I disagree with that ..... It was a completely different examination and could not be equated with 'O' levels in any way !
Equivalent to the Foundation paper at GCSE which covers grades C (the old pass at O level/CSE grade1) to G
Sorry .... that should have been GCE 'O' level .... not GCSE.
CSE's were a waste of space. No-one took a blind bit of notice of them if you put them on a CV. They were the equivalent to today's NVQ level 1 i.e. totally pointless and a certificate for certificates sake. I knew people with grade 1's who couldn't even spell their own name.
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all interesting, thanx so how would you go about getting a copy of your results if you have lost originals, considering this was 30+ years ago since you were at school and the original secondary school became a middle school but has recently been demolished
How about trying your local education board as a starting point in your search for copies of your certificates? Maybe even the local Examination board?
i beg to differ with teacher - i took georgraphy and french cse and got grade 1 and actually have them listed as grade c passes on my o level certificates - i know as i was only looking at my certificates at the weekend. CSEs were not an easy option, it was just that you were graded on a different more flexible scale
Most employers with HR departments will know that a CSE Grade 1 was equivalent to an O Level pass.

Back on topic, one wonders why an employer wants to know about this since you must be at least 45 years old now. Applications are assessed on what you have done in your employment life - the passes at o level bit don't typically matter.
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as i have lost my certificates i have to get new ones as a prospective new employer states that certificates have to be produced, basically they dont take your word for it if you say you have x amount of passes etc, but thanx for all the help

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C'S'E's (certificate of seconday education)

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