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dougielogan | 08:47 Wed 18th Mar 2009 | Career Advice
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my brother (it's always somebody else) has asked me to help him make a CV as I am over 50 and never had to have one I don't know where to start. Is there a website where I can see a template as to the layout etc, any help would be appreciated, ( my brother is 56 and he has never needed one before either), cheers, dougie.


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Good morning this should be a help to you click on all programs then on to microsoft works then task launcher then programs scroll down and click on resume ( cv) also he will need to do a covering letter basically a brief outline of why he is applying for the position in question also if there is anything he knows about the company why he is applying etc tell him good luck in the job hunt
My advice would be to try and taylor-make the CV to suit the postion you are going for even if it means having more then one. If you are going for a drving job and you have had office work as your main concern then concentrate on the logistics side rather then how good your filing is. ( and visa-versa) Companies only check the the two references you supply ( normally one will be your last employer) so if you have had to many employers, lose a couple and spread the dates over.

There is a box marked useful tools on the right hand side near the top which has a link "Help with your CV"
I've used it and found it rather helpful.
As Sladeyp has (sort of) indicated, Microsoft Word includes c.v. templates (which appear under the American term 'resume'). The way to access them varies slightly depending upon the edition of the program you're using but these instructions (for Microsoft Word 2002) should suffice:

Click File > New > New from Template > General Templates > Other Documents.
Then choose one of the various types of resume offered, or select the 'Resume wizard'.

Alternatively, this recruitment agency offers a free, simple Word document to use as a c.v. template (along with advice on completing a c.v.): vice.htm

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thanks everybody who replied, dougie.
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There is indeed a website where you can see a template for the layout, content, sample, headlines, etc. of a professional CV. Please follow this link to browse and download:
Try these tips -

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