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cris r | 13:27 Tue 24th Apr 2012 | Career Advice
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Hi My husband left his job at christmas with stress ( he was a project manager for a building company ) he has been quite bad but thankfully is on the mend. He is now looking to get back to work but is finding that a lot of employers now want this CSCS card. Befor he left his employer he did a construction in safety management certificate course. Would this pass or does he need to sit this NVQ Course. Would he get any help to fund this as he is out of work. He is not claiming any benefits and never has done so dont know how he would stand he feels that he may now be unemployable
Many Thanks x


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Have you been through this website to find out about it.
It doesn't look too much of a big deal to me if he is already working in the construction industry and knows his stuff. And it doesn't seem to cost much to undertake the test either.
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Thanks builders mate yes have looked on different web sites. The NVQ my husband would need costa 1,800.00 to stay as a project manager, This is a lot when you are out of work also hes not a spring chicken any more and does not fancy going back to college ( if this is the case ) I keep reading that the CSCS is voluntary so do not quite understand how it works. Not sure if this is compulsary on all sites. x
I wasn't suggesting that he enrol for the NVQ - merely brush upon on the various regulations and then take the test (which seems to cost £17.50p).
Without getting too far into what I do, I am also a projects manager and last year I had an assignment that involved the asbestos regulations within the construction industry. I knew nothing about the scope of the Regs previously but I pretty quickly had to find out. There was bags of stuff on websites and I quickly became a relative expert. I never enrolled for a paid-for course.
Within each of the segments of construction industry (for example, Working at Height, Asbestos, Lifting, Access Platforms, Heat-producing Processes) there are a set of Regs and a lot of material available for free to make it clear how to work safely within this - that is what I was suggesting. If he worked his career in this industry, it surely shouldn't require enrolment on a paid-for course.
What good advice that is buildersmate, I reckon a lot of people good benefit from your reply.
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Thanks again for this information I will look into it My husband seems to think it is a bigger deal i will phone them up Thanks x
Try checking with, or with http://www.constructi...o_cscs/cscs_cards.asp

If you can't find the information you need from these, then they'll probably be able to point your OH in the right direction.
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Thanks again Nibble :)
They say the card is voluntary but you cand get work without one on most sites.
The cscs test costs £17.50 and then another £30 to get the card when you've passed it. Theres some free info and test questions at that will give some idea what will be asked. the tests are split into operatives/specialists and supervisors/managers so he needs to make sure which card he needs.
All construction employees now need a CSCS card, regardless of their position.

Your husband will find it difficult to get work otherwise.

A good information portal is
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