Love Is Free But Make Sure Your Insurance Is Up To Date

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Britons may be willing to splash out on romance for Valentine’s Day, but being British their wooing all too often ends in tears, home insurance companies have claimed.

They should know - home insurance firms are the ones left paying for our ham-fisted attempts at the delicate art of seduction.

Diamond engagement rings dropped from the Eiffel Tower (butterfingers!) and windows blown away with DIY firework displays are among the more plausible stories.

Among the more unusual claims received by home insurance companies are the antique diamond bracelet eaten by a dog, a valuable Persian rug ruined by - ahem - chocolate sauce and a video camera knocked over and smashed while recording a mash message.

Other home insurance claims include a romantic meal for two that became a blazing inferno and a damaged bath obviously not designed for two.

"While some of the quirkier claims would not be covered by home insurance, knowing what you are covered for will help you get the most out of your policy," said a home insurance spokesman.

It is important that you check your home and travel insurance policies and make sure that you are covered for any eventuality. Especially if the ring is very expensive it would be very unromantic if it was lost, damaged or stolen while away. Even if you are staying at home make sure what you have planned will not get out of hand.

Top romantic destinations in Europe:

•    Venice – Combined with the Italian farniente and delicious food, this is the ideal romantic place.
•    Paris – the ultimate romantic destination. Walks along the seine, the view from the Eifel tower, climbing the stairs at the Sacre Coeur; any activity works well.
•    Amsterdam – For some reasons, cities with canals rank very high in the 'romantic places' lists and Amsterdam is called The "Venice of the North".
•    Rome – Anything that relates to Italy is romantic. After Venice, Rome is an alternate romantic destination.

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