Insurance Company Offers Tips On Bike Security

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

There are many reasons for using your bike. Whether it is to save money on ever increasing fuel prices or to get a bit fitter, or to simply do your bit for the environment and leave the car at home many of us are now taking to the roads on two wheels.

Whatever the reason, however, we must all be vigilant when leaving our bikes as it seems claims on home insurance for loss of bicycles is on the rise. Home contents insurance claims for stolen bikes can be avoided if the items are subject to a good level of security – advice on which is offered by an expert.

A leading online insurance company gives a range of ideas to its customers for avoiding an instance of theft of the vehicles.

These include ensuring it has security markings – such as a serial number – which are clearly advertised on the bike to defer would-be crooks.

Another hint is to deploy a heavy duty lock and chain when leaving it somewhere in public, ensuring that it is fixed to a static object through the frame and wheels. Using purpose built bike racks can be a good idea as these strong metal bars are fixed deep in concrete and cannot be moved.

If a bike is used for work, it is also advisable not to put it in the same place – or ever in an isolated location - the firm adds. A "resourceful" criminal can lift a bike off a post or bollard, so it is also suggested that these are bad places to secure one of the vehicle.

In addition, what if the worst happens and your bike is stolen, is it covered on your home insurance? Before you set off on two wheels it is vital to make sure your policy clearly covers such things as theft or accident. Also the policy may have conditions such as you need to use a particular type of lock when out in public and the bike needs to be kept in a lockable site at home.

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