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16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Churchill Insurance is almost as well known for the nodding dog as for good value insurance, they have certainly done a good job on their marketing strategy. They have a wide range of insurance products including car, home, travel, pet, breakdown, van, motorcycle and private health.

The company was launched in 1989 as one of the country’s first direct motor insurers. They expanded their products to include home insurance in 1990 and have continued to grow adding new services over the years. They were bought by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2003.

They are a UK based company and have all their call centres here. This is an unusual but popular step with customers who are increasingly frustrated with companies who insist on saving money by outsourcing their call centres to other countries.

The Churchill dog is based on the nodding dog toy which was made popular on the parcel shelves of cars in the seventies. He was used for the first time in advertising in 1994 and became a brand in his own right in 1996. He has been seen in a number of famous locations and with quite a few celebrity friends over the years including the skier Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards, Melanie Sykes, Rolf Harris and Roy Walker. Churchill the nodding dog now has his very own Facebook Page which has become hugely popular.

It is possible to buy nodding dog merchandise from the Churchill website. Churchill the nodding dog even has his own page which gives his personal details such as his star sign (Gemini), his catchphrase (Oh yes!) and his favourite food (curry and sausages).

The company prides itself on giving good customer service and they claim to call 1,000 customers every month to make sure they are continuing to do things right. The company launched the website in 2000 and it gets hundreds of thousands of hits each month from customers looking to Churchill Insurance for a cheaper quote.

Churchill Insurance has won several awards over the recent years for their outstanding service to the industry. The awards are judged by readers of the Your Money magazine. These include Best Online Motor Insurance Provider, Best Online Home and Contents Insurance and Best Online Travel Insurance Provider.

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