Trouble getting car insurance policy for a company car

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Nosha123 | 14:38 Wed 01st Sep 2010 | Insurance
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A colleague is having trouble finding someone who will quote and insure her lease car...

The car is a company car - and is leased from the finance company. She drives the car to and from work and also to the occasional client meeting.

She has tried go compare - and sheila's wheels and they all say that cos its a company car they cannot cover her...

Why is this - and whats the alternative?

There must be thousands of company cars out there - who are they getting insurance with?

I am with Sheila's Wheels - and am sure that I told them at the time that mine was also a company car - but apparently they wouldnt quote her on hers!!


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Shouldn't the company pay insurance for a company car. We always did.
Everyone I've known with a company car has had insurance provided, but i suppose a company might insure you for business use only and expect you to insure it for private use.
Is she being taxed as having a taxable benefit? She shouldn't be if she may not use it for personal use
I don't know anybody with a company car that doesn't use it for personal use
I do..
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Hi UMmmmm

Yes they do - but they dont get the quotes as we have to do that ourselves since we are the driver of the vehicle

I got my own quotes too - and went with Sheila's Wheels - but am also now worried they dont know its a lease car!

Why would that effect it anyway??
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to factor30 - yes we are taxed for having the use of the car for personal use as well as business use...

we are not reps who are on the road all day - and go to the occasional meeting with a client (once or twice a week)...

and have always organised our own insurance quotes - she tried SIX companies and all said no!
So who will pay the premiums, nosha?
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The company pay the premiums by direct debit
Hi we lease our car privately and I had this problem at first as some insurers were saying no as we were not the legal keeper of the vehicle.
We are now insured with Direct Line who don't have a problem with it and it states that the car belongs to the leasing company but we are fully insured to drive it.
I've not heard of this arrangement - all the lease cars where I work have insurance paid for by the employer (and we are taxed for the privilege so it's not entirely bunce free!) - then we are allowed so many personal miles and so many business miles. I've never heard of individuals having to sort this out for themselves (not that I disbelieve you, Nosha).
Well, clicking on the first link (Endsleigh) in my above post elicits this statement -

"If you are a company car driver, insurance may be a hassle. Many businesses lease vehicles for their drivers, and therefore you may need to arrange private insurance on your company car. Some UK insurers will not cover lease vehicles because their policies state that the driver must own the car they are insuring. If standard car insurance policies don’t cover your vehicle for commercial use, then talk to us."
My interpretation of what nosha says is that it is the employer who takes out the policy- they just want the employee to get teh quotes. Seems an unusual arrangement and I'm sure they could get a better deal by placing all business with one insurer.

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Trouble getting car insurance policy for a company car

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