Insurance regarding a robbery in army accomodation

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loren1987 | 19:30 Wed 30th Jun 2010 | Insurance
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Hello, Im looking for some advice for my boyfriend.
He is currently in the army based down in Hounslow and he shares a room with another person. During the weekend while he was home, somebody decided to go into his room and move his telly and xbox into one of the sargents rooms apparently for ''safekeepping'' but upon arrival back to camp on tuesday ( he had a long weekend ) all his clothes have been taken.
Basically all his clothes are designer and they have been taken, even his army issued uniform so he has no uniform to wear! He has rung his insurance company and they are asking for receipts for all his clothes! Now i dont know about you but I never keep my reciepts longer than 30 days if at all! I think this is totally unreasonable for them to ask this as all the poor sod has are the clothes on his back and some tatty vest that he wears to the gym... Is there anything we can do about this, i think its awful that he has been paying insurance and when something happens they are asking for something so trivial. His iron and ipod have been taken aswell and they were both presents off me but they were brought over a year ago!!

P.S ( his xbox and telly were in the sargents room by the way )


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what's happening about this regarding the fact that it's in army accommodation, I hope he has reported it internally and it's being investigated?
Regarding receipts, I agree I don't keep receipts once the charge has appeared on my account, but he ought to be able to come to some agreement with the insurance company since the clothes are not new. He wouldn't get the full value, when I worked in insurance I seem to recall that we never paid New for Old for clothing. It all depends on the circumstances and how he describes it on the claim form - if there is no forced entry, I'm not sure that the insurance company will feel an obligation to pay anyway.
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Well he went to the guard room to report it straight away, he is waiting for a crime reference number from one of the sargents bu unfortunately there are no sargents on camp at the moment. Im not sure if there was forced entry to be honest - they way he was talking about it, it seemed as if while these busybodys were moving the telly and xbox that the door was left open and people just went in there and helped themselves to whatever they fancied - im really annoyed for him, surely the army have to take some sort of responsibility over the situation?
Clothing is only insured for its second hand value in 99.99% of cases. Unfortunately, I would be surprised if he has any valid cover as insurance usually requires forcible entry or exit from the premises - so basically if it has been nicked by someone legally on the premises - there is no illegal entry there is probably no valid claim. Hope I am wrong and good luck
Its hardly trivial...its in place to stop false claims. Obv there are ways round it when there are no receipts...anything from credit card slips to photos of him wearing some clothes would be an idea

Also as stated above, as it seems no forced entry took place, the claim is on shaky ground - the culprits must be army personnel (I bloody well hope so, if its that easy to stroll onto a base and pinch some clothes (esp an uniform) then its a sorry state of affairs -

Is your partner not the victim of some prank?? Leaving him with just the clothes hes in must seem funny to someone, some sort of induction etc??

Was the other persons clothes taken?

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Insurance regarding a robbery in army accomodation

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