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rescuer | 14:58 Tue 29th Jun 2010 | Insurance
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I understand that the Ombudsman, in 1999, stated that insurance companies had to pay for repairs to pitch fibre sewer pipes.
Five houses lowere down our road have pitch fibre pipes which are colapsing.. Four houses, of which ours is one, higher up the road have clay pipes which run into those below. Our insurance company say they do not have to pay for our share of the repair. We were first informed of the sewer problem in April 2009. the insurance company told us that the the Ombudsman latere stated that claims after January 200- would not be covered.
However we have since learned that the problem withthe pitch fibre pipes was there several years before January 2009.
Insurance companies of the other houses have agreed to pay, but ours not.
Has anyone views, or experience, on this?


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I think that you'll need to read the terms of your insurance policy VERY carefully with one eye, while trying to read this simultaneously (and just as carefully) with the other one!


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Home insurance - pitch fibre sewer pipes

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