Passenger in car crash - how to claim?

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shivvy | 11:55 Fri 16th Oct 2009 | Insurance
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I was the front seat passenger in a car crash where my sister was driving. It wasn't her fault at all - the other car was already skidding and broadside when it came round the corner and crashed into us.

The police were at the scene etc and have told my sis that they have completed their paperwork.
My sister has had contact with the police and will be claiming against the driver because she was the driver and it was her car etc but my question is - how do I proceed with a claim for personal injury? Do I go through my own car insurance or some other way?


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I thought so Zac but how do I progress that? Do I tell my insurance company and they take it forward, or do I go to a solicitor etc?
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It depends how serious your injuries are - if it is a standard ' whiplash claim ' then you could contact the insurers of the other party and see if they are prepared to deal with you as a 'litigant in person '

If they are , they will inform you of the form and extent of evidence that they require .

Should you not feel confident enough to deal with the claim yourself or if your injuries are more serious , then there are a raft of claims handling firms out there who will be more than happy to take on your claim
A note of caution however - make sure you fully undestand the basis on which they will deal with your claim - ' No win no fee ' should be taken with a pinch of salt - read any agreement before you sign .

Incidentally , your claim, as the innocent party ( passenger ) will suceed against either one, of the insurer , of the drivers - i.e you can make your claim against whichever insurer you wish .
Hopefully your sister has some "Legal Expenses" cover - it is often sold with Personal Car Insurance - it might also be called uninsured loss insurance - if she has then you claim through them against the third party. If not then proceed as per BertW above.
Eighteen months ago my husband sufferred a whiplash after being struck from behind. The other driver's insurers contacted him and made him an offer of £1,000 for his injuries. He declined this and went to see a local firm of Solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims They pursued a claim for him and after about nine months he received a cheque for £12,000!!! He didn't have to pay Balfour Law anything - they recovered their costs from the third party's insurers.
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I have gone with a company who do this kind of thing as their bread and butter and I am happy with them so far.
Thanks for all your answers - they were really useful.

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Passenger in car crash - how to claim?

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