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Dee Sa | 08:43 Thu 30th Jul 2009 | Insurance
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recently I recieved an offer from the above company to insure my dishwasher, they pointed out it was 2 yrs old in Aug and not covered after that, the offer was �48 for the next three years, I wrote out a cheque [ now cancelled] and just happened to mention what I was doing to hubby, hang on he said we already have insurance that we took out when we bought it. I looked up the paperwork and we are insured with the original insurers until 2010. How can these people con you like this and how many other unsuspecting folk have they done it to ? can I report them to the Office of Fair Trading ? Dee


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People like this don't know whether you have another Insurance Policy already in force.They work on the assumption (often correct) that people will have forgotten completely WHAT their white goods are covered for/by.
As you found, you had already gotten a Policy.
They can't be blamed if you have a bad memory.I am sure their policies are quite legal and in order.
I don't see quite what the Office of Fair Trading would do,they are not (as such) doing anything illegal.
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I don't think she's suggesting it was "standard". The implication is they bought extended cover at the time of purchase that hasn't yet run out.
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quite true Skyline D we took the extra protection when we bought it. But the it is with a different company not Mastercare.
I have sent them a reply together with a copy of the insurance cert and ask would they care to comment.
I bet I dont get a reply.
Why do I think they tried to con me ? could be do to the fact I am over 70 yrs young and my husband is reg blind.
For what it's worth..

EU Directive (1999/44/EC) states that
"a two-year guarantee applies for the sale of all consumer goods everywhere in the EU. In some countries, this may be more, and some manufacturers also choose to offer a longer warranty period."

Not many people are aware of that, including retailers.
Mastercare pay retailers to tell them when you manufactirers guarentee is up so they can pester you as they have. They won't know you have taken cover already from another company. This is just their standard procedure, no con intended.
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many tks to all for their input, I have asked Mastecare to delete our name from their mailing list, dont feel I want anymore to do with them.
Have a nice evening everyone
Vicasso makes a perfectly valid point.

The directive in question does indeed place such an obligation on the retailer (not the manufacturer).

My answer to an earlier question gives more details: 571.html

Essentially, manufacturers� guarantees are irrelevant as you have no contract with the manufacturer, only with the retailer. �Extended warranties�, insurance policies and the like are of no value unless they extend cover beyond the period during which remedy under the Sale of Goods Act can be expected. Needless to say, few, if any of them do and when they do the cost if usually prohibitive..
I know this is not MasterCare but - just bought a new Nikon camera. Had the standard one year guarantee but by registering online I got a second year free to.
With the letter I got confirming the second year - in fact all part of the same letter - they were offering another year (i.e. from July 2011) for a fixed pice !!
A bit forward thinking isnt it to pay now for 2011-2012
Hi,All, as a continual of this question ? does this mean that that Mastercare should inform potential customers of their rights under EC directive 1999/44/EC before they ask them to take out their (Mastercare) insurance?

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Mastercare -- beware

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