can i claim whiplash off my self

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dawzy28 | 21:32 Sun 24th Aug 2008 | Insurance
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it was my fault that i had a crash and now my back is really bad can i claim for whiplash off my self


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Your motor insurance (as far as injuries are concerned) only provides 'third party' cover. It's there to pay out if when someone sues you (or is in a position to do so). You can't sue yourself.

The 'comprehensive' element of motor insurance extends it to cover damage to your own vehicle but not injuries to yourself. For that, you'd require separate personal accident cover.

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I agee with the above answers. Pay yourself whatever you like but don't waste too much money on medical reports; and remember, if you tell your insurance company it might affect your NCD
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yes but im fully comp they r fixin my and i have nt any ncd plus other people r claiming off me any way ive really done my back in and think ive fractured my wrist so please tell me can i claim forthese things if it was me driving and it was my fault as people r telling me to put a claim in as im fully comp and reall need to no plz help me
You cannot claim against yourself.

You can only claim compensation for personal injury if it is somebody else's fault.

Other people can claim against you because it is your fault and you are responsible for their injuries.

You can claim for the damage to your car only.

How do you mean you 'think' you have broken your wrist? That will easily show up on an xray. Go to your GP.
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ok thanks for that i new you couldnt it would be stupid really wouldnt it oh and i have made an appointment wiv my gp thanks for the concern
Think of it this way, imagine you could claim off yourself, then as it's your fault your insurers would pay you and then sue you straight after for negligence!
Wonder how many would accidentally kill themselves, trying to injure themselves slightly so they could claim from their own insurance?

lol this is obviously a wind up.

"I hit myself with a hammer, can I sue myself"

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can i claim whiplash off my self

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