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london56 | 21:07 Tue 19th Aug 2008 | Insurance
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please help I was involved in a accident purely not my fault driver has been charged with undue care and attention. But i have 9 points on my licence 2 x sp30 one comes off this month and 1 x cu80. I innocently did not disclose them to my insurance> What can i expect from them.


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You will have a premium added. You will probably have to pay this premium before your insance company will pay you out for your claim.
i find it hard to believe the insurance company didn't ask you about convictions, and hard to believe you "forgot" about 9 points!
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I was under the believe convictions are when you asked to appear in court. Penalty points are as stated a penalty. i have spoken to many people about this and i have had a few not even know you have to declare these point Have to admit most were women. When my renewal falls on the mat all i look at is the amount they want this year and that the details of the car is correct. AS a single mother with two jobs and a 200,000 mortgage those are my priorties. Have to admit i have learnt a big lesson this time.
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Thanks for that jimjools. Do you have a rough idea how much
if your insurance company find out that you have not disclosed your points,they can and will almost definately invalidate your insurance and refuse to pay have obtained insurance by deception,3 pts you may have got away with but not 9.
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so were will that leave me reclaiming my monies from the third party insurance, He was totally at fault and admitted to that and has been charged.
No, NORMANTHEDOG they won't, at last the one I'm working for don't. They calculate what the premium should have been, if the convictions had been declared, then add the extra as an additional premium, which has to be payed before they will pay out the claim. I can't say how much that would be though London56. Only your insurance Co can tell you that.
Norman is correct in that your insurers have the right to invalidate your insurance. If you'd have been involved in an accident that was your fault, they'd probably have simply refunded your premiums and left you to foot the bill. (If the accident had left someone needing permanent medical care, that could have been for millions of pounds).

However, under your current circumstances, you're not actually claiming against your own insurance. You're claiming against the other driver's insurance through your own insurance company. (i.e. your insurers are acting as your agent in making the claim). Under such circumstances, JimJools's answer is likely to apply.

If this is the other persons fault then your Insurer needs to know for info only and they may chase the claim for you against the other insurer. They are unlikely to bother too much about you unless they have to pay something so keep schtum. After the claim has been settled you'd do well to declare your convictions to your own company. Like others above I find it difficult to believe you did not know you had to declare motoring convictions. "Have you any accidents or convictions" is a standard question. You either lied or are too stupid to be driving, not sure which.
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Maybe two children two jobs and trying to keep a roof over my family heads have something to do with it and maybe i should have read the small print on these insurance documents But perhaps i should claim the benfits as a single parent and then I'll have plenty of time to sit on my arse and read them. Silly Me
It's not small print, it's big print!
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i'll get some glasses. Thanks
not that it has anything to do with your question, but i dont understand how NOW you know you should have declared the points whereas BEFORE you didn't. Surely if your insurance company has told you, then why haven;t they told you what "punishment" they are going to mete out?
But hey ho, you live and learn!

also, prehaps someone can tell me -when you apply for insurance they always bang on abut how they share information, and how if you dont disclose you could nvalidate your policy but if they know so much, how come they dont already know aboyt what points you have? (thiswould prevent the misunderstanding detailed here)

london 56 - my sister in law got 6 points and her insurance premiums went up by about 400 quid
are you saying that youve not mentioned the points in the last 4 years when renewing your insurance???

And you werent aware in those 4 years that you need to declare points?
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i had my car wrote off my some youth on a go moped driving on my side of the road, When i went to collect my courtesy car i took my hard copy driving licence as well as my picture one and the garage contacted my insurance co. And as for not knowing i split up with my partner 4 years ago and he dealt with the insurances. As i have been with this insurance co for about 7 yrs i never looked at the policy just how much it was going to costing me, Yer i know silly and stupid. But that proofs my point if i knew about the non disclosure i would not have taken the hard copy to the garage. And i expect to be belted by them just would like to know by how much.
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i haveone that also runs out on the 27th of this month well its three years are up. and the other 6 pointswere last year may and july. thats what you get living in essex mobile cameras everywhere. should have never excepted the courtesy car and again proofs my point i really did no know.
plus dont forget to add you are a single parent working two jobs just to put food in your babes' mouths. I expect you walk 7 miles in the snow to your job too ..... :)
sorry, that was a bit uncalled for, and i take it back
my unreserved pologies
I hope that this makes you think twice in future about speeding and using your phone when driving. 9 points will cost you a lot of money, insurers often dont load premiums for the first 3 points but can do after that.

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