Legal Expenses Cover

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Bazile | 12:12 Wed 12th Mar 2008 | Insurance
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Do you need Legal Expenses cover , if you have comprehensive car insurance cover


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Legal Expenses cover provides not only for the recovery of uninsured losses but also legal representation in any personal injury claim.

Thus, in the event of a non fault accident, without the benefit of this cover, the action against the responsible party would have to be handled by the individual or by legal practitioners, many of whom are not in a hurry to have the matter settled quickly.

It is therefore recommended to take out this cover, which is far from expensive, unless your comprehensive insurer provides it as part of the policy cover, in which case it would be specifically mentioned on the policy confirmation documentation
my car was written off 28th august 2007 by a prat who dropped his glasses, carried on driving while attempting to pick them up, swerved and hit my empty car in a parking bay and pushed into the vehicle behind.clear cut ?
i got my excess check back 2 weeks ago from Alliance, his insurer through a broker and the ****** still has not admitted liability.
i have another car now and i have re-insured with Saga but this time i have paid out �20 extra on the policy for legal expenses cover. last time i must have been loco, i mean �1.75 a month? i must have spent more than �20 on phone calls in that time period chasing the money, back and forth between the two insurers
also this was an injury free claim on my part, what if i needed to take this man to court?
if you can afford it use this option

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Legal Expenses Cover

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