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bednobs | 20:43 Sat 06th Mar 2021 | Insurance
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When i recently took out a car insurance policy, i made a slight mistake with the date the old one finished, and started the new one a day early. If i'd have needed to make a claim that day, what would have happened?


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You could claim on either policy but not both.
good mistake
much much better than having days uninsured and then - - - crash!

you have a choice ( unless you tell both when they will tell you to claim on the other hur hur hur)

MAKING two claims before even receiving an advantage is a crime as of the Fraud Act ( ie is not a result crime)

clearly this is specific and does not apply to life insurance where difft rules apply
whichever one you claimed on you would be expected to notify the new insurer about the incident.
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luckily, no claim needed :) My car was sitting where it has mainly been this past 11 months - on the drive!
Good point, dave because, even if you claimed on the old policy, you might lose some of your NCD on the new one.

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