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dollymay | 19:58 Tue 15th Sep 2020 | Insurance
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I am trying to get quotes for car insurance, I am in my 70's, do very low mileage and have only had windscreen claims in the last 10 years. Is it worth paying extra for legal expenses and NCD protection?? I know that in the event of a claim they will put the premium up anyway.


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I can't really answer your question with regards to NCD protection, apart from saying that you're correct insofar as they'd increase your premium if you had a claim (even if you had your NCD protected), but they'd increase it even more if your NCD wasn't protected. Now's the perfect time to gaze into your crystal ball and see if you can see any claims on the horizon??

With the legal expenses, try Driver Guardian. Me and the missus have a joint policy (had it for a few years now) and they've got good reviews:
It's like any insurance. You don't need it till you need it
legal expenses
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Protecting your NCD usually adds about 10% to the cost of your insurance. If you have an accident you normally only go back 2 stages on your NCD ie, from 60% to 40%, not back to 0%. It works out that 4 years is about the break-even point; in other words if you don't pay to protect your NCD after 4 years you've saved enough money to cover any increase in your premium due to losing part of your NCD. This ignores changes in premium after an accident, which are nothing to do with the NCD.
you dont have to pay for legal check out the link below
That's useful, thank you.
I was very glad of legal expenses insurance when I was involved in an horrific accident. I wouldn't be without it
The legal expenses is not the same as NCD, that is a different 'extra'.

Legal expenses comes into play when the insurance companies are kicking off. I once had a no fault claim on a motorbike(hit in rea while stationary at a junction) and my own Insurance company wouldnt pay and the other persons wouldnt either. Plus they tried to do me on the value of a 6 month old bike. I had taken the legal expenses out and was able to use it against the company I was insured with as well as the other one. Cost them far more than if they had just paid out but then Insurance companies are pig headed sometime.
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Thanks everyone for your advice ! Sorry I haven't replied before. I think I will go for the basic, without the 'extras'.
Our insurance turned out a lot cheaper with better cover using

gocompare car insurance
legal expenses insurance?
when I 'used' it I realised the advice I was getting was more crap than the stuff I usually dole out on the Lagal thread - - ter daaah !

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Legal Expenses Car Insurance

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