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bodeker | 01:17 Wed 08th May 2019 | Insurance
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Needing help , I have a few pieces jewellery nothing very expensive but would like to get it insured along with my house contests. I have no idea how to go about it or how much it would cost. Would appreciate any advice ,


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*** House contents
A good bet is to take it to your local auction rooms or a good quality Jeweller, both can do valuations for you, they rarely cost every much for a written one and verbal ones are often free. x
Most local auction houses are happy to give verbal estimates of the value of items free of charge (especially if you hint that you might be thinking of selling them). However if your insurer requires written valuations you'll need to pay a fee. Further, you'll probably have to approach an independent High Street jeweller (rather than an auction house), taking care to note any specific requirements of your insurer (such as needing to use the services of a Member, or Fellow, of the Institute of Registered Valuers).

A bit of googling suggests that a £50 valuation fee is not uncommon but also that some valuers will assess up to three items for a single fee (possibly with a percentage of each item's value added on top).


Members of the Institute of Registered Valuers:;SearchRadius=25
Some policies, like mine, don’t require individual valuations for pieces under a certain amount. Its wirth checking what your policy requites before paying fees
Got mine valued at a local jewellers a while ago cost a percentage of the value of the bits and bobs together.
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Thank you for all your replies.

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