Car Insurance Companies Wont Insure Me !!!!! Help !!!!

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pumpjack | 17:28 Fri 26th Apr 2019 | Insurance
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ive been with hasting 5-6 yrs, was happy, got new quote on october 2018 and opted to pay by DD usuay i paid annually,
then i had a bad company taking money from my bank in november 2018 , bank told me that since this company had my card details i would be better open a new bank account which was also contactless etc, i asked would my DDs and standing orders be ok and he said " dont worry they will alll transfer automaically
now ive need to tax car today, i called hasting to email me policy, thay said my policy ended as there was a DD sent back to tham in december 2019, i asked them why didnt thaey tell me this back then , they said they did but they did not, ive no email or text or letter from them...

seems ive been driving this car 5 months now illegally and damb well lucky cops have not arrested me !!!!!!!!
then went on site comparisons and no insurance company will touch me, why ? because they say i could have had an accident in last 6 months or someone could have made a claim against me, i explained its the banks fault but they dont care .
called hastings again and they said , because of underwriters have put note on system no one will insure me.

now im stuck with no insurance, no way to get to work and a car sitting rotting away which i will need to sell.
i was going to trade it in against a better new car , if i did do that then could i go for a new quote on the new car ?

i really need advice .

what can i do ? thanks


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try an independent insurer directline ? but what about what these under writers have said about me ?
Buying a new car won't make any difference. You need to get to a local insurance broker.
Go to an actual, real, existing insurance company's office, and talk to a real person. It's difficult to explain/to sort out/to find out anything online. Facing a real person might be the best thing to do.
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Compensation from whom?
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talk to someone like a local mutual or even the NFU - which is a mutual.....
Yes ,go to an insurance broker and explain the problem !

// there was a DD sent back to tham in december 2019 //

Did you not check your new account for the direct debits
I can't imagine that a bank would suggest you get a a new account if yours had ' a bad company...: New card yes and a block on this company but not a new account. If it's all as you say it's the bank I'd moan at. Don't you have others DDs etc that haven't been paid either?
No expert at all; but it seems to me that the insurance company had a duty to ensure you had been informed in order to avoid the situation you describe; not to mention a duty to have evidence that they had successfully informed you. Plus a responsibility to not screw you up by 'putting a note' on the system defaming your name. Do you not have a case against them ?
are you at the same address as the one on your policy? I had a similar situation with my insurance co once but they sent me a registered letter saying they were cancelling, not an email or anything
they are required to send you a renewal notice
and then a termination notice

and then they can cease insurance

actually it seems they did from your script...
I have had a termination notice arrive AFTER they had terminated insurance but we had date of letter and postmark fun on that one .... [on appeal they reviewed the file, found the termination notice unposted in it and popped it in the post]

you are not the victim in this - s/o in a removed post seems to have discussed compensation - compensation for what - acting stupidly?

as above - try a human insurance broker
ALSO as you clearly been black listed when you find a man and not machine discuss whether a bank change is grounds for blacklisting and discuss either 1) rectification or a note saying that you had bank problems

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Car Insurance Companies Wont Insure Me !!!!! Help !!!!

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