Japaneses Knot Weed

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kopend | 13:06 Fri 10th Aug 2018 | Insurance
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Japaneses knot weed 7mtrs from our building in church grounds
cause for concern? or should we leave it


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It seems that it can't be eradicated
so you might have little real choice other than to put up with it's presence anyway.

However it would seem to make sense to try to limit its spread as much as possible. Here's what the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has to offer on the subject:
1. Knotweed in church grounds 7m from your property which is outside church grounds
2. Your property within church grounds and knotweed 7m from it?
A guy who owned land, that overlooked our's and a few neighbours, had JKW on his land. It can be eradicated, but it'll take a while.
I constantly used weed killer that contains glyphosate, on the bit that overlooked mine and my neighbour's land (I asked for permission). After several repeated doses, I'd managed to force back the JKW 20 feet or so.
The guy resorted to repeated burning, chopping and weedkiller applications and he has managed to finally get rid of it for good. It was quite a large area as well - I reckon approx 50 feet in diameter, possibly more and the plants grew well over 6 feet high.

Have a read of this:
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certain amount of shoulder shrugging from those who dont have it
( I do )

seven metres is the magic number where they say you may have difficulties with a mortgage

I paid around £1000 to have two properties treated and it lasted ten years but came back
BUT in the mean time
1) the govt has spoken on this and I cant find out what they said
in true AB fashion s/o said 'foo da govt said it wasnt a problem no more. yeah.' - which cd mean anything at all. it isnt a problem for them but it still is for you and so on
2) there has been a recent court of appeal case in favour of the householder

and the judgement is here

so it does look as tho you can ding the owner of the land for treatment.
dont know of anyone who has.....

oh and the knotweed controller - the one I paid £1000 to said a few weeks ago
yeah foo dat - just to get us to drive over and look at it - we charge £275......yeah?
wow I said

glycoposylage is teh only stuff that will kill the tubers
and you can only buy weak stuff
only the X men can buy it is a decent strength and then they prance around in moon suits whilst they stpray
It needs a clear canopy to survive. Plant something over to fill its space or cover with rubber matting.
Bodged attempts to remove it can spread it further. Suggest to the church that they call in professionals.
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Super great info not too worried about this now

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Japaneses Knot Weed

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