Car Insurance - Unreasonable Demand

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atalanta | 17:50 Tue 20th Mar 2018 | Insurance
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I have just been requesting a quote for car insurance. The person on the other end of the phone insists I give the exact date when a low-flying bird smashed my headlight - either four or five years ago. I did not claim on the insurance, but forked out the £300 myself. How on earth am I supposed to remember the date this happened ? ( The business which repaired it has gone out of business, so no hope there.) And why have I never been asked this before when renewing car insurance ?


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how did you even get to talking aboutit if you didnt claim on your insurance?
Couldn't you just invent a date?
Were you successful in suing the dead bird?
thus we learn an important lesson, keep schtumm it was not a claim.
yes yes I know, before the usual evangelists weigh in, they ask about accidents not claims but in reality it makes no difference to the quote, just creates a load of admin.
Start again with another insurer and dont mention the incident. It was neither an accident nor a claim, just a new headlight. I cant see the difference between that and needing a new tyre for example.

Try one of the online sites as it will save you ringing round loads of companies.
Tell them you didn't claim, so not important....if they insist, put the phone down and shop around for a good deal....plenty around on the internet
just make one up! if you cant verify it, neither can they

If you didn't claim for it, why on Earth did you tell them about it?

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Car Insurance - Unreasonable Demand

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