Existing Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance And Now Unforeseen Surgery

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malagabob | 20:02 Tue 25th Jul 2017 | Insurance
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As title When it was taken out there were no medical issues or pre existing conditions in the last 2 years. Now a condition has arisen that requires surgery. What steps to take. inform insurers ? Will they null and void insurance? Require to take out new insurance.? TIA


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I think you're supposed to inform your insurers of any important change such a a newly developed condition, they may then impose an extra charge to cover it. Strangely if a condition you notified them about and paid extra for is resolved, they don't reduce the rate!
You need to read the terms and conditions of the insurance to find out if the insurer expects to be informed of any condition that arises which may lead to a claim.

But I don’t believe they can demand an increase in premium – the possibility of a medical condition arising will have been factored in to the original cost.

I recall a case a few years ago where a person had an annual travel insurance policy and made a claim due to a medical condition that would prevent them from travelling. The insurance company refused to pay out because the holiday was due to begin after the annual travel insurance policy expired.
The financial ombudsman ruled in favour of the policy holder – so don’t take any nonsense from your insurer.
Hi Bob, I developed a condition that required minor surgical intervention. I notified my insurers, and the holiday I had pre-booked prior to developing the condition was covered, if I had taken another holiday during the insurance period then I would have been asked to pay extra to cover that condition.

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Existing Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance And Now Unforeseen Surgery

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