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thelewisgang | 21:57 Wed 18th Feb 2015 | Insurance
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some years ago I took out a funeral plan with one of the big named companies.

It was for a non-religious woodland burial plan. I moved in December 2014 & notified them of my change of details. A couple of weeks later, they sent me an updated policy but had several things wrong.

First of all, although I told them I had separated from my husband (although he is still my next of kin) they put us both at the same (new) address. The undertaker's details were still showing as the same as where I used to live but they are 40plus miles from my new address.

I contacted my funeral plan people via email to point these things out. I then received an email to say the fees I originally paid when I took the plan out might have to be substantially increased due to them having to find a funeral director near my new home.

This was in late December. I have not heard a word back from them nor an amended plan. About 2 weeks ago I rang them to query why their delay in replying. I was asked for my details/plan reference number & assured someone would contact me but so far I have not heard a word.

I do not remember ever reading in the original paperwork that if I should move home there might be an increase in fees. Advice please if you can help. thanks


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We've got our plan with the Co-Op and this point actually came up when we took it out some years ago and the Funeral Director pointed out that it would simply be transferred to the nearest Co-Op funeral center with no extra cost.
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my plan is not with the Co-op but with one of the big named plan companies. I guess I will have to look through all the original paperwork re the wording but I am not happy they are taking so long to update my information correctly/informing me of any increase in cost. I have done some research into woodland burial sites near to my new home & have come up with two less than 10 miles from me. I will, I think, have to contact them again & if no joy, will have to make some sort of complaint
I was looking at an Age UK leaflet about Funeral Plans and from what I can remember, their plans paid out a fixed amount upon your death and if there were any "extras" required then, your family would have to pay the small amount, then.

A substantial increase in your premiums seems to a bit, greedy. Typical of insurance companies.
We just had two funerals, both basic cremations, and the cost in lincolnshire was just over £2000 per funeral, that included coffin, car from the undertaker to the church ( just one car) and the service etc. I have no doubt if that had been in London or a similar city, the cost would have been far more.
chrissa, I think that the OP has the kind of plan where you choose what funeral you want and prepay for it. Usually (and it seems with exceptions) there is increase in charges whatever happens provided that nothing changes. They don't py out money, they provide your chosen funeral.
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Yes I realised that, woofgang but what I was trying to say was that thelewisgang shouldn't worry too much about it. The cost, if nothing changes should be negligible, for her family.

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