Bike Insurance, Advice Needed For Idiot Friend

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FatPigeonApple | 15:21 Thu 20th Jun 2013 | Insurance
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A friend of mine got a bike in early April and it was stolen on the 5th April outside his flat and he claimed on his bike insurance.

He spends most of his time with his dad caring for him as he's ill having recovered from cancer and lives at his dads bungalow as he has to look after him for a minimum of 38 hours a week to get his carers allowance. The bike was insured at his dads place to be in his garage as he's there most of the time but the lad went home to his flat for a few hours to get some clothes etc and he arrived at 11:30pm and the bike was stolen around 3am, half an hour before he was due to leave to go back to his dads to be ready for him waking up in the morning.

I have read the letter from Liverpool Victoria and they are refusing to pay him out which is correct in my eyes but is their anything he can do about this or does he just need to cut his losses?

This is the reasoning from the letter;

Motorcycle Security Requirements: in respect of each and every occurrence, Underwriters shall not be liable under section 1 for loss of or damage to your motor caused directly by theft or attempt thereat unless: between 10:00pm and 06:00am (BST or GMT as applicable) when parked at your place of residence your motorcycle is kept in a locked building within the boundary of the private dwelling or other address where the motorcycle is normally garaged which has been specifically agreed with us

To me it's very unlikely he will be paid out but any advice will be appreciated.


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All he can do here is to ask the LV if they are prepared to consider an ex gratia payment.
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that's ridiculous - so he can never leave the bike anywhere else?
he can never stay over at a friends house?
he can never go on holiday with it?
he can't just leave it at the side of a road after having a few drinks?
whatever he is doing and no matter where he is he must go home and lock up his bike at 10pm every single night...?

10pm is pretty early too
what a strange clause. did they ever point this out to him when selling him the policy?
I agree with joko, have a look a his policy to see if it actually states that the bike must be garaged between these hours, if not, then complain, then Ombudsman.
well you can get bike insurance without this clause, but I bet its more expensive.

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Bike Insurance, Advice Needed For Idiot Friend

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