Advice Needed Please, So Worried

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trolly61 | 18:48 Tue 02nd Apr 2013 | Insurance
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My car tax expired on Feb 28th but I was away looking after my terminally ill relative. As soon as I came back on the 26th March I went online to renew my car insurance which I thought expired on the 25th March. I found a favourable price so took out the insurance. I then went online to renew my road tax but it informed me that on the 1st March I had no insurance so it wouldnt let me do it. I thought it must be a mistake so I looked out my insurance policy and was shocked to see Id made a mistake and it expired last month. I have put my car in the garage as although I now have insurance, I have no tax and I dont know what to do. Please advise me, Im so worried I'll get into trouble. Should I just go and tax it from the 1st April at the Post Office?


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Yes. Tax it from April. It'll be fine, don't worry.
Since you've not made a Statutory Off Road Notification, you can't tax your car from 1st April; you'll have to pay for the tax from 1st March.

Unless your car is subject to SORN, you are now obliged to ensure that there's a valid insurance policy in place for it at all times (even if it's in the garage). So, technically, you've committed an offence. However, as long as you get the tax and insurance sorted out as soon as possible, you've absolutely nothing to worry about.

It'll all be fine trolly, once you've taxed and insured it nothing more will come of it.
Buenichico is correct but in practice they don't do anything unless there has been more than a month from the old tax finishing to the new one starting. So getting a new tax disk from April will be ok. The only problem would come if the car had been seen on the road by a NPR camera while there was no tax on it.

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Advice Needed Please, So Worried

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