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Blue-widget | 13:55 Mon 25th Feb 2013 | Insurance
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My car was involed in an accident and was written off. At the time of the accident my vehicle was unoccupied and the other party has accepted full liability.

My insurance company are looking to make the payout however want to charge me over £500 for thw hire car which ive had for just over a week now. I pay extra on my insurance for a hire vehicle incase of such event and surely as it was not my fault this should be covered by the other party.

Can anyone advise me please.

Many thanks.


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if your insurance policy covers the cost of a hire car for the circumstances of your claim then why are they not paying? The only thing i can think of is that you either have to pay and claim the money back, or you ddin't go with their preferred hirers (£500 for 1 week seems extortionate)
some insurers settle total losses very quickly to avoid loan/hire charges,certain policys only allow 48 hours use for a write-off maybe you have exceeded the limit.
i had a similar thing what i gather is if the car is in repair that is the only time they will pay if it is a right off they will not pay check you policy this is a stander thing
Maybe you need to claim the costs back from the other party's insurer as an uninsured loss.

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Hire Car Charges

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