car tax just expired and involved in accident that wasnt my fault

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TLC11 | 07:55 Fri 07th Sep 2012 | Insurance
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Would really appreciate some help here as i am totally stressed and dont know what to do.

Last night i wws travelling along a narrow street about 20mph with my 2 young kids in car. Another driver pulled out her drive without seeing me and smashed right into the side of me. My car was damaged much more than hers. We were all ok except shaken. A man and his wife witnessed and came and gave me their details, saying it wasnt my fault. The other driver admitted full responsibility and i phoned insurance with details there and then. My car was taken away to garage 2 hours later and im getting a courtesy car tonight. I thought all was well.
so inwas looking through my paperwork last night and realised my car tax expired 6 days ago. I have recently moved house and changed the address on insurance and liscence. I honestly didnt know i had to change on tax too, i thought changing with dvla liscence was enough!!! Tried to tax online last night and it wouldnt let me as addressed do t match. Im now terrified iv lost my car, only 2 years old, and have no car to get to work or take kids to school. Will this car tax thing void the claim?
Please answer honestly if you have any insight into this, i really dont need a telling off as im stressed about this enough as it is and havent slept all night. Thank you in wdvance.


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I'm almost certain insurance still covers untaxed cars.
Absolutely nothing to worry about from the insurance point of view.

Lack of tax will not affect your insurance claim.
I would take your documents to the post office now and get the new tax and change the address at the same time. Don't mention the car has been in a crash. Even better just put it all in an envelope and post it to the DVLA , then if anything is said you can just say ''It's in the post'' put the date on the application form as the day before you had the crash.
I don't think the tax effects the insurance claim anyway , you just may get a penalty (£80 I think) for driving before you had the new tax disk. The car may well be written off so the tax would have to be canceled anyway
Were the police involved or informed, TLC?
As you have been given a courtsy car the insurance has already accepted your claim. ignore my last answer and just do nothing.
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Courtesy car is on its way today. Police not involved as no one was hurt and car wasnt blocking a road. Also, other party accepted full responsibility and had witnesses so we didnt need to call them. My car is damaged the side she hit, and the force sent us spinning into a wall, so car is a mess. Its a miracle we are all ok! Il go to post office now and try sort it. Women driver that knows nothing about cars except how to drive them! Thank you all for your help and advice, very much apreciated!
back in the old days it was considered it wasnt tax it shouldnt have been on the road, but these days insurance companies are more interested in customer retention...I have seen some really dodgy claims that the insurance companies have paid out on even down to bald tyres !! tax really isnt a problem..
Go to Post Office, with insurance document now. You will tax & pay from beginning of September. No problem.
I agree. The other driver damaged your property, and her insurance policy must pay for the damage.

The road tax is a matter for you and the DVLA, so just get it sorted ASAP.
use the renewal form the DVLA sent to your old address to it at post office and then fill in the change of address bit on your registration document and post that off seperately to the correct address at DVLA and then their records will be amended within a few days.
I wouldn't even trouble my own insurers with this, claim the whole lot off the causer. lack of car tax makes no diferrence here.
"back in the old days it was considered it wasnt tax it shouldnt have been on the road"

If its not taxed it shouldn't be on the road..........but no tax has NEVER affected the insurance position.
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Thank you everyone for your helpfull answers. I went to post office today, taxed the car and sent the documents off for change of address. Im now praying i dont have any speeding tickets (i thought i was caught once) fines or anything else dodgy that has been sent to my old address as i honestly thought I had it all sorted :-(
Have you any premium bonds, if you have you will need to inform them of change of address. You won't to lose out on any winnings. Must agree there are so many people to inform.

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car tax just expired and involved in accident that wasnt my fault

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