can i claim back car insurance?

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doctordb | 20:17 Thu 08th Mar 2012 | Insurance
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i have just discovered i having been paying car insurance for a vehicle that i scrapped after an accident years ago. i know this is a stupid oversight and it's a bit of a longshot but can i claim back the payments? thanks.


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I'm sure that you told them and the continued insurance is their mistake......?
They might very well refund under those circumstances.
I doubt it but you can ask them
Erm - it's worth a try!
Didn't they send you renewals each year?
I'd have thought absolutely no way - isn't that like asking for a refund after a year because you haven't made a claim?
If it is a direct debit, you can claim it all back under the direct debit guarantee.

I had this on some dodgy mobile phone insurance company that did it to me over a period of 3 years.

Phone the company in question and ask for a refund under the direct debit guarantee. If the company refuse, phone your bank and get them to claim the money back under the guarantee. If the bank refuse, ask to speak to the fraud Dept of your bank and they will then see to it that all the repayments are made within a number of working days.
I'd be very surprised if it was covered by the DD guarantee in these circumstances, Cockney-si. And who said there had been any fraud by the insurer?
I think a lot would hang on whether that insurer paid out when it was scrapped.
The company should have cancelled all bank transactions when the vehicle was declared as a total loss and paid the agreed settlement price.

Any company then still obtaining money after that is at fault.
The OP hasn't actually said they claimed on the insurance at all.

They may have just driven it into a ditch and then scrapped it.
You've been paying car insurance for a car that was scrapped years ago??????
Well, I suppose, Mrs-O, that it's not that different from all those people who are now reclaiming thousands in PPI payments that they say they hadn't realised they were paying
Sorry, it's just that I'm one of those that knows my bank balance to the penny and check my bank statements like a hawk. I cannot understand how anyone can not miss hundreds of pounds from their account
PPI is a little different though, most people knew they were paying it but had been advised by the bank that it was either a requirement, or would help, in getting the loan.
Hi- chuckfickens- yes I agree that there was mis-selling, but I was referring to the surprising number who claim they didn't know they were even paying it.
Your mistake. Ask them.

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can i claim back car insurance?

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