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wilkesneil | 16:59 Sat 03rd Mar 2012 | Insurance
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just logged a complaint with my insurance company as i believe they've acted wrongly and would like to know if anyone has views as to make my complaint stronger or anyone that has had similar issues.

took policy out at end of Jan and paid deposit and my 1st months installment in middle of Feb. I have forwarded 2 copies of my NCB entitlement off to them as they say they never received the 1st. After sending the second I had no correspondance asking for it again so I presumed they'd received it.

Yesterday i received a letter saying my policy was cancelled on 23rd Feb, letter was typed and dated on 29th Feb (6 days after cancelling) and I received on 2nd march.

where do i stand with a complant of them not notifying me in advance and allowing me to drive unknowingly that i'd not got insurance.
i have just forwarded a basic complaint by e-mail but will be sending a strong letter to C.E.O next week when my bonus comes through for a 3rd time and will be sent signed for.


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You might be better reporting them to the FSA or their parent company. Octagon Insurance Company Limited is authorised and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, and regulated by the FSA for the conduct of UK non-investment insurance business. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme covers this policy. Further information is available at Octagon Insurance Company Limited is a member of the Association of British Insurers, the Financial Ombudsman Scheme and the Motor Insurers' Bureau. This insurance is administered in the UK on behalf of Octagon Insurance Company Limited by One Quote Direct Insurance Services Ltd. One Quote Direct Insurance Services Ltd is an Approved Representative of Europa Group Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the FSA (FSA No. 309794). One Quote Direct Insurance Services Limited and Europa Group Ltd are both registered in England and Wales (Reg. Nos. 05479983 and 03279177). Registered Offices: Europa House, Midland Way, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 2JX. Octagon Insurance Company Limited and One Quote Direct Insurance Services Limited are both members of the Brentstar Holdings Limited Group.
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zacs- i have been doing some research today and they are doing it to everyone.
i have saved all info i have i have gotten off the web so i can refer to it at a later date.
they take your 1st payment and then cancel on you, i have just read a page of 93 reviews and only 2 were good, says it all. i have made my points clear to the company c.e.o and i will be calling ombudsan on monday to make a complaint.

companies like this we could all do without
Shame you didn't do the research before buying wilkes but hindsight is a wunnerful thang.
You can only take your complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman after you have exhausted the insurers complaints system. Unfortunately the FSA Register is closed at this time of night therefore I cannot give you the name of the person to whom you should address your complaint. There are time limits in which the company has to address your complaint, after which you can go to the FOS.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme only comes into the equation if the company cannot meet its obligations.
I have logged a complaint against them too, we got insurance from compare the market and opted for octagon, i paid a large deposit of 166.00 the policy for the year was 637.00. they tried to be awkward about the no claims proof and say they were canceling the policy but we got that to them via email so they couldnt say they hadnt recieved it. the problem occured when they tried to take the first direct debit after 21 days when we expected it to be after a month. because of the direct debit failing they then demanded 20% of the policy to be paid or they were canceling it. we rang and spoke to them and explained we didnt have 138.00 in the bank and would have to ring back when the money was in and pay it on thursday 30th august. they canceled the policy on the wednesday and left my husband at work on the road with no insurance even though we told them we would ring on the thursday. we rang them on the friday to ask what was going on and they said the policy was canceled but if we paid a further 35.00 they would clear that policy and get somone from the sales team to set us another policy up taking into consideration the nearly 200.00 we had paid for one months insurance cover on a 600 for the year policy.
when the sales man rang it was another story, they wanted another deposit of nearly 170.00 to start a new policy and totally deniying the promise of taking into account of what we had already paid. we have now been left with no insurance because we cant afford another large deposit that all the insurance companies are demanding to set up the policies. we dont know what to do now i have told them i am making a formal complaint and i have submited a complaint to watchdog.

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