car insurance - to claim or not?

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Ankou | 13:39 Tue 21st Feb 2012 | Insurance
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ok, last week my car got dinked in a car park (by persons unknown) but because it was dark when i got back to the car i didn't notice it, the next morning it was dark when i left it again but i noticed the damage when i returned to the car later that day.

quite miffed i popped into a garage that i know do body repairs an asked them to estimate the cost, they quoted just over £1,200, so not a little scratch. i phone insurance co. and they said that they'd get someone to give me a quote but i'd have to pay £400 excess as per my insurance but with ncd protected.

on sunday i was pottering about and noticed a tiny corner of white paper sticking out of me bonnet, turns out someone had left a note to say sorry. i contacted them and they have said they have £400 excess and would like to avoid the insurance co and pay cash when i get the quote - i didn't tell them how much my 1st quote was.

its been 20 years since my last insurance claim, so thought i'd ask - what would you do/do you think i should do ?


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Obvious question first - if you didn't notice how on earth do you know yr car was hit in the car park? It could have been dinged during the day surely?
well the person left a note, so i assume that's how, and actually doesn't really matter for the question does it?

I would take them up on their offer to pay for it, get 3 quotes and aske them which one they want to go with
I don't think that matters here. The culprit left a note and may have mentioned to ankou that it had happened in thecar park- so at the time of writing Ankou knows where it happened
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because it was in the same car park both days (all day), and the chap who left me the note said it happened on weds.

think you're right bednobs, but since i have notified the insurance co. do you think it would count against me anyway ?
It's refreshing to hear they left a note. I agree with Bednobs, take them up on their offer. There is no need to involve insurance at all.
lol, I see that now, sorry

As bednobs then =0
In view of the size of the quote I think you should claim from your insurance company and charge the £400 to the other party - by doing this you are ensuring you aren't out of pocket and at the same time softening the blow for this surprisingly and refreshingly honest person. The only cloud on the horizon is that your insurance company might then jack up your premium on next renewal.
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well thats the thing canary. i did consider doing that, but it would be a claim that i'd have to take forward year on year and i'm sure to be penalised for it.

my thoughts were that if i turned around to the insurance co. and said i will sort it out myself, then would the claim still be logged..?
If you put it through your insurance they should claim any uninsured losses inc your excess from the othe party's insurance. You will not be out of pocket. Now you have told them about it, any increase in your next premium will still go ahead even if you do not claim, this is because you have been 'involved in an accident which makes you higher risk'.
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soi'm jiggered either way?!
That's the beauty of insurance Ankou.. Do you actually need a repair for resale value or to pass an MOT? If not take the £400 and pocket it.
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oi! i want me car back to looking nice!
there is nothing stopping you asking yr ins if you have increased yr premium by letting them know
£1200 for a 'dink'... is your car gold plated? ;-p
It probably isn't snags but the cars belonging to the insurance man and the body shop probably are
You can claim on their insurance ring them up and advise them their policy holder has damaged your car they will send it to their approved repairer and give you a replacement car. No come backs on you at all.
if you can avoid claiming of your own insurance do, even with NCNP they'll try and get it back. If the chaps offering to pay then get it done privately.

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car insurance - to claim or not?

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