Car insurance after crash

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mikey4444 | 06:51 Wed 13th Jul 2011 | Insurance
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I have recently had a bad crash in my car. The other driver admitted it was his fault to the Police at the scene of the accident. I have reported it to my insurance company but he hasn't. The car is a write-off and I am owed approx. £8000.
What I want to know is, if he still refuses to report the accident to his insurance company, will my company pay anyway ?
Also, I am having to rent a car to keep working. How do I go about claiming the cost of this from his insurance company ?


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you don't have to do anything, this is what you've been paying your insurance for.. they will deal directly with the other insurers.
Errr... mdoo...

3rd part or fully comp is irrelevant if it's the other drivers fault! as sara says, just leave it for your insurance company to sort out, mikey.
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Thanks Guys, this has been very helpful. I do have fully comp. insurance, but my company CIS seem to be moving with glacial speed. I had heard that unless he reported the accident, my company would just wait until he does.

Actually I made a report to his company myself last Friday. They have given me a claim ref.

Once again, thanks to everybody

Its likely that my car will be written off.
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As long as you have the details of his insurance company and the police who attended the accident then you will eventually get a payout. Unfortunately as others have already said companies are very good at dragging their heals following a claim.
Ensure you speak to your insurance company reference the hire car, if you did not add courtesy car cover then they are not obliged to pay for transport costs arising from loss of your vehicle.
Failure by the other party to inform their insurance company will just mean things move even slower unless you keep chasing them.
You can claim from the other side the cost of the hire and other expenses not covered by your car insurance (loss of earnings, personal injury, damage to clothing, personal possessions, taxi fares, anything extra you have had to pay for because of this accident). If you have legal expenses cover they should do it for you.

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Car insurance after crash

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