How an earth do I change the screen back to how it was?

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tigwig | 17:55 Sat 06th Nov 2010 | How it Works
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My baby was sitting on my knee whilst I was on here. He has pressed something which has changed all the writing and made it smaller both on this site and on another one. I have no idea how to change it back, help!


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Hold down Ctrl and press 0 on the numeric pad, or:

In Internet Explorer, click View/Zoom/100%

in Firefox, click View/Zoom/Reset
or you can hold down the Ctrl key and use your mouse scroll wheel if you have one
Or Ctrl and +
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Thanks guys, just done that. You learn something new everyday! My baby must have pressed the control button whilst I was scrolling the little monkey.
Cats seem to be quite good at adjusting webpage sizes too :)
Back in the day, the original IBM PC had a keyboard lock, and I'm convinced it was because the designer owned a cat. I have 6 house cats, but I've found that all I need to do is pick up my guitar,and they vanish.

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How an earth do I change the screen back to how it was?

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