Grabber games in amusements

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Misty P | 23:12 Wed 18th Aug 2010 | How it Works
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Does anyone know if these grab games are set to win at a certain ratio- like many other amusement games or are they purely down to chance & skill?
I spent a small fortune today, SIX times I managed to pick the damn toy up, only for it to fall again before reaching the chute- they dont seem to grip tightly enough!!

Is there a secret to them or is it just a mugs game?


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A mug's game
Of course they are. I am spot on nearly every time and the clasp will loosen just before the exit. They wouldnt make any money if not. Although I did get Four at once one time when the claw hooked through all the tags lol
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Nice one 4getmenot!!
And for the amount of money you put in you may aswell go and buy the sh!tty teddy from pound land
I've watched a guy adjusting the tension in the grabber devices. He spent ages ensuring that it was just tight enough to pick up the prize but normally too slack to hold it all of the way to the chute.

So each machine is adjusted individually. You could see two of the same machines, even in the same arcade, yet find that one was much easier to win on than the other.

Part of the trick on winning on them is to look for completely loose prizes (i.e. that aren't partly wedged underneath other ones), as close to the chute as possible (to minimise the time that the prize has to fall out). I've got very few skills, but acquiring piles of soft toys out of those machines appears to be one of them ;-)

Chris - at least you are good at something. PMSL

It is years since I played with one of those machines.
So that explains your Avatar Chris :)
I realised that they were a con when I was nine, if you watch carefully(while someone else is losing their money) you can see the jaws open slightly when they get to a preset height.
The machines can be set to a ratio of wins . Inside the machine there is a simple dial that the operater sets to how many wins he wants the machine to give.On the win turn the machine will grab and hold firmer than on the other goes , providing you aim right you will win on these turns. The trick to winning is watch the machine and count the losses between each win, then play when a win is due.
they also thud hard against the sides as they come to the chute, ensuring the jolt is enough to loosen the toy

i have found one machine that always won though...obv a mistake
I know a couple of places that have 'win everytime' machines.

They keep going until you get a prize.

£2 a go.

I wonder how much they pay for the chinese cuddly toys in them.
£2 a go for a 50p toy I would imagine.

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Grabber games in amusements

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