How to work out consumption of gas/electricity by meter reading

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filthiestfis | 00:36 Sun 04th Apr 2010 | How it Works
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Can you work out gas/electricity KWH consumption by comparing two meter readings?
For example if on 01/03 the gas meter reading was 7470 and on 01/04 it was 7500 do these show actual KWH used?


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Gas units are not the same as kWh. The conversion factor can vary according to the 'calorific value' of the gas which is supplied.

Theoretically you need to multiply the number of units used by the product of the 'volume conversion factor' and the 'calorific value', and then divide by 3.6.

As a rough guide though, simply multiply the difference in the meter readings by 11 in order to calculate kWh.

So (7500 - 7470) x 11 = 330kWh.

If you look at your last gas bill it should give you all the information you need to enable you to convert your consumption in cubic feet or cubic metres(dependant on which gas meter you have).

As Buenchico says you have to multiply your meter consumption(30 in your case) by a few constants. My last bill gives this information:-

Gas calculation

The amount of gas you have used is converted into kilowatt-hours (kWh) using the following calculation:
1 start with the gas units used
2 multiply by the multiplier value to convert to
cubic metres
3 multiply by conversion factor
4 multiply by calorific value
5 divide by 3.6 to give the total kilowatt-hours
(kWh) used.
All gas suppliers use the same calculation.

If you have a metric meter you omit the first calculation. The value of the conversion factor 7 and calorific value should be on your bill.
(factor 7 and calorific) should have been factor & calorific.
why dont they just charge you so much per unit so you know how much its costing you instead of all the bulls**t
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Ah thanks for all your answers. I dont have a last bill or a first bill even to go by far. Moved in 2 months ago. I took the meter readings on the first day and took them again a couple of days ago and have given them to British Gas so that a bill can be sent to me. I am anxious as both are on British standard so Im expecting a hefty bill. Without knowing what my monthly consumption has been I cannot work out which company(ies) tarriff(s) to move to using a price comparison website.
I hope to receive this bill soon so that I can make the move AWAY from British Gas. I was hoping to hasten my move by using the meter readings but it seems too complicated to work out so I shall have to wait.

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How to work out consumption of gas/electricity by meter reading

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