UK Passport renewal when not living in UK

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Will__ | 01:19 Fri 07th Jan 2005 | How it Works
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I live in Spain, and go to the UK about every three months for weekends etc.. My passport runs out in July of this year and clearly I'll need to get it renewed.


What's the easiest thing to do? I still run a UK bank account (and credit cards) through my sister's house in London. Will I be able to do the passport renewal via post? Problem is, if memory serves, you need to send away the old passport to get the new one (although they'll return the old oneas well if you ask for it) and thus I can't really do that?


(Unless I send my passport to the UK from Spain and get my sister to do it via post and then she sends me the new passport?)


Many thanks


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I renew my passport at the Embassy, rather than sending it to the UK.  Remember you need to have 6 months validity to travel, so you need to do it now!  Check the link or the FCO website for more info rts/default.asp?IdNavSections=23&lang=en

I live in Belgium and all my passport dealings have been with the British Embassy in Brussels.


I think that, if you are resident in Spain, then you MUST renew your passport at the British Consulate there.  You will probably find that the renewal will be processed quicker there than by a UK Passport Office.

LEGALLY, you can't apply for the passport if you are not in the UK. If you have the time to wait for it in the UK you canLEGALLY do that. My partner had all the hassle of sending his to Liverpool, whilst in Spain, to be put 'under investigation'. It turned out that they 'knew somehow' that he wasn't in the UK and therefore refused to issue the passport. They eventually send the old passport back to his sister in the UK.

We had to drive to the consulate in Madrid, apply for the passport and then collect it a few days later. You can of course do this via the Spanish postal system - but you know how unrelieable that is.

Check out the website at

i would be carefull if posting you dont wantit getting lost and they do cause people sell them and stuff.

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UK Passport renewal when not living in UK

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