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heathfield | 14:41 Sun 04th Oct 2009 | How it Works
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Anyone else having the same problem as me on Answerbank?. Sometimes, after selecting a topic, my cursor starts flickering on and off as I move the mouse. If the mouse is stationary, the cursor disappears altogether until I move the mouse again - then it's back to the flickering. The only way out is to exit Answerbank, then re-enter the site.This only happens on Answerbank, not on any other website.

Strange one, and expletively annoying! Any answers from your Techies, Ed?


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I am not a techie but I recently has a similar problem with my cursor running amok. The cure for me was simple - I turned my keyboard upside down, shook it then blew on it and was amazed how much dust came out along with a few cat hairs.
My cursor is now very well behaved.
I hope this helps.

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Flickering Cursor

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