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loubagnall | 13:25 Tue 16th Nov 2004 | How it Works
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how do these freeview set top boxes work - i am thinking of getting my mum one. is it right that a one off payment and then she can watch the extra channels?  does anyone know which is the cheapest option?


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Yep, basically that's it.  You buy a Freeview box, plug it in & then you get the few extra digital channels for no additional charges.  You'll need to check whether your Mum is in an area that can recieve the channels first.  You can do that (as well as get more useful info) here


You might need an aerial upgrade too, the boxed can be unreliable without one, even if your 'normal' picture looks fine. Look in your local paper for firms who could give you a quote. But other than that, once you've bought one (�50 or so) then no more bills.
Freeview works by getting extra channels through your tv thanxs to your aerial.There is a number you can phone & you can give your postcode & they will tell you if the area that your in can recieve freeview.However even though your area may recieve it it also depends how many of these new digital channels you can get through your aerial.If you can't get some of the extra channels (like we can't) then your looking at getting an aerial upgrade.The freeview boxes(the ones that have a one off payment) have come down in price considering the new  type of boxes you can get now that have a slot where you place a viewing card and you get channels like E4,UK Gold,Discovery channel. There are others. I think you can choose 6 or 7 of these extra channels for under �10 a month.

As has been previously mentioned - the most important issue is the existing aerial quality. The Freeview channels are broadcast on different frequencies to the regular analogue channels. In some areas they are very close to the frequencies used for analogue - I.e. your regular BBC1/2, ITV, C4 and Five so you can get away with the aerial you already have. In some area, to avoid interference, the Freeview channels have to be broadcast on frequencies which are out of the normal range of a standard aerial.

If you give an idea of the area concerned I can look at the transmitter details and give you some more info.

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I boight my parents a freeview box but they cannot use it because their tv is old (circa 1986) and has no scart socket. They tried to find leads but nothing worked.

My freeview (no card slot) worked but I didnt get all the channems until I bought a wideband antenna... I only paid �12 for this.

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