Gas Fire keeps cuting out

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johnbay | 09:44 Thu 26th Mar 2009 | How it Works
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I have a 'hole' in the wall gas fire, Kinder fire (Rocco MK2) and the pilot light and the fire on full just cuts out for no apparent reason. It's only been fitted just over a year ago. It's not the flow of gas as the central heating boiler is working fine. Can anyone help?


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It's probably a thermocouple or oxy pilot assembly fault but I'm not familiar with this fire.You will probably need a CORGI fitter to take it apart and check as you often have to disturb the gas supply.

I notice from adverts for Kinder that they boast in some instances a 7 year warranty and some others a lifetime warranty. Get onto the supplier and see if you can get it repaired under warranty
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Thanks Pauln 90
if the fire lights and stays on it is not the thermocouple because that is its job, to allow gas to flow from the gas valve and because the pilot is already lit ,the main burner ignites
so the problem is further down the line and i would look at oxygen depletion, say pet hairs blocking supply holes for the mixture. in this case i would take apart the fire and service it /clean it
at the same time i would use a manometer to measure the amount of gas reaching the valve to ensure that the correct amount of gas is actually reachind the valve.the correct working of the boiler is nothing to do with the incorrect working of the fire and w/o measuring gas flow beyond the meter you cannot assume this.
if this is beyond your knowledge/experience i suggest calling a corgi man ( or capita man from april 1st)
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Thanks for all that detail Terence 7556
i strongly suggest you ignore terence's dangerous advice and that you call out a gas engineer to service the fire, 9 out of 10 problems are cured by a good service and your type of fire should be serviced once a year.

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Gas Fire keeps cuting out

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