Do All Set-Top Boxes Receive The Same Freeview Channels?

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cadfael | 01:58 Thu 26th Mar 2009 | How it Works
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There are a couple of freeview channels I cannot receive via my set-top box. Would a change of device help?


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All freeview channels can be received by all set top boxes but on some of them you need to buy a subscription card and insert it into your box, ooer madam, to receive the subscription only channels...
it also depends on which area of the country you are in, some places get more than others, also your TV aerial. My sister has the same freeview box as my mum but couldn't get some channels till she upgraded her aerial
Hi I have freeview boxes in 2 rooms and one doesn't pick up as many channels as the other. They are both plugged into the one booster box via the 1 aerial. I was told that as one box has got a lot longer co-axial cable the signal has got further to go but when they increase the signal soon they would both pick up all channels. Don't know if it's true so will have to wait another couple of months. If you are getting freeview but not all of them it could be as woofgang says and be your aerial if it's very old or it could just be a weak signal. If you are getting most of them I personally would wait until after the changeover when they increase your signal and then see if you get the others.
For a full list of all the available channels check out the link below and click on * PDF * this will give you a full printable list....

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Do All Set-Top Boxes Receive The Same Freeview Channels?

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