Can I get a freezer to work in the garage!

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melodydriver | 13:16 Tue 17th Mar 2009 | How it Works
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Hi there, we have a fridge frezer that we keep in the garage, the problem is every winter when it gets cold the freezer won't work. i understand that it won't work below 10 degrees C, so we went to our local curries and asked them if there was a freezer availible that would work below this temp. we were told all freezers need to be kept above this temp. When i was a kid we had a chest freezer outside and it worked fine! How do people get around this problem, our kitchen is not big enough to have it indoors, it would be silly to heat the garage, if i buy a chest freezer would that work. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Some keep working in garages, others don't. I don't know what the deciding factor is.

Our Bosch fridge/freezer carried on, even in the depths of this winter.

The mother in law's one year old chest freezer stopped, and hasn't recovered now it is mild.
there are 4 different climate catagories given to fridges and freezers, unfortunatley none of these are of any help to you as none of them can work below 10 degrees, for your best chance you need to look for one that is climate level SN as these can go as low as 10 degrees but will still prob struggle at lower temps, the other common climate level is N which cant go in a place colder than 16 degrees. there are 2 other classes but these are only for hotter temperatures not colder so are of no use to you.

Im pretty sure the reason that chest freezers can sometimes survive is that the majority of the mechanics is covered by the casing of the freezer giving it a little protection, fridges freezers and fridge freezers usually have very little protection on the back of the appliance and maybe therefore cannot cope as well with the cold.

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Can I get a freezer to work in the garage!

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